As a Candidate in the West Valley City Council, the policies I support will Invest In Us. My policies will help children, families, working people, and small businesses. I will NOT support policies that only benefit corporations and contribute to inequality.

Putting people first means supporting the following issues:

Public Safety for safer residents 

Our residents should feel safe in their homes and on their streets. They should not feel the need to constantly look over their shoulders. Public safety is Frank’s number one priority.

Frank’s plans:

  • Work with Chief of Police to strengthen connections & provide council support on crime prevention in our neighborhoods
  • Promote and support active neighborhood watch groups
  • Listen to the community and explore crime-prevention ideas
  • Educate the community on how to not be a victim, and follow-up on implementation of suggested measures.

Neighborhoods Count

Since its incorporation in 1980, West Valley City has become demographically diverse and a neighborhood for everyone. Unfortunately along with that, it is also lacking in technological advances and is increasingly challenged by economic tensions. Strong, solid, and vigorous neighborhoods are the key to the success of West Valley City.

Frank’s plans:

No one knows the neighborhoods better than their residents. Frank Bedolla will solicit comments, ideas, and opinions from residents as he serves on the Council.

Frank has been an active voice for neighborhood residents on issues from the State legislature to the City Council in his 20 years of service — he will bring neighborhood advocacy into every decision he makes.

Through emails, Facebook, and website updates, Frank will keep his constituents apprised of goings on at the City Council. 

ECO City Initiatives for a Climate Changed Future

Nothing threatens our future like climate change. From flooding, droughts and extreme rainfall to heat waves, invasive species and new diseases, the past is no longer a good predictor of our future.

Frank’s plans:

  • Help West Valley City become an ECO friendly community by aligning with eco-focused groups.
  • Help the city build the systems and social cohesion needed to thrive as an ECO community in the future.
  • Encourage West Valley City to be more adaptive for its future than it has ever been in the past. For example, change zoning to include trees in design of infrastructure.
  • Convince West Valley City to improve its transportation policies, for example:
    • Mirror Taylorsville’s 5400 South’s high-volume traffic flow
    • Synchronize traffic lights to reduce emissions from idling cars  

 Align with Salt Lake City and Park City in their support of the Paris Accords, threatened by the current administration.

Fiscal Responsibility

Large property tax increases seem to have been a tradition of West Valley City’s “fiscally conservative, spend and tax” policy.   The City Council just approved a property tax increase to fund a budget that includes subsidies for the Maverick Center, West Valley Fitness Center, and The Ridge and Stonebridge Golf Courses, all of which are losing money.  

Frank’s plans:

  • Limit expenditures to essential city services, prioritizing allocations for road and public facility maintenance and public safety
  • Involve citizens in the budget process to establish priorities for spending
  • Insist that bond issues be subject to public vote
  • Contract for an independent audit to identify unnecessary, inefficient spending
  • Economic Opportunities