Vote Frank Bedolla on Tuesday, Nov. 7

Putting the People of West Valley First


I will stand up for your family and our community.

Like you, I'm an ordinary citizen with a mortgage, children, and a job I go to every day. People in our community have sacrificed so much to build their families, homes, businesses, and to make the west side a wonderful place to live and work. This hard work and sacrifice deserves respect. It deserves a seat at the West Valley City Council.

As your Councilman in West Valley City, you can count on me to put people first, and make sure that people who work hard and contribute to our community have a say in our local government.

Please consider helping me Invest In Us by volunteering or donating to my campaign. We can't do it without your help!


About Frank

Frank has lived on the west side for over 20 years. As an educator and father, he understands the challenges faced by working people in West Valley City. 

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Putting people first means: Public Safety for all, Making Neighborhoods Count for all working families,  ECO Initiative for a Climate Change Future, and Fiscal Responsibility.

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West valley City At Large

West Valley City is the second largest City in the State. 

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